Mumbai to Goa taxi

Mumbai to Goa taxi

Mumbai to Goa taxi

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Off to the beaches? Let Square Taxi’s Mumbai to Goa car rental sort out the trip for you

For people staying in Mumbai, nothing spells relaxation better than a short trip to the beaches of Goa. The sun and the sea work wonders on the overworked and tired mind, grinding away in the daily, busy schedule of Mumbai. However, the one thing that can put a spanner in the joy-wheel is the concern regarding the transportation to and from Goa. Finding the right Mumbai to Goa car rental is crucial in ensuring the success of your little vacation.  

If you are looking for a reliable Mumbai to Goa car rental service, then Square Taxi is your answer.

  • Anytime, anywhere: Being the closest hip beach to Mumbai, plans to Goa are usually made at short notice. Finding accommodation is never an issue in Goa. What could be more troublesome though, is finding the right car Mumbai to Goa car rental service at the right time. Square Taxi is just around the corner, any time of the day. You can simply drop an email or call them up and a cab will be kept ready for you.

  • Affordable rates: Goa is for everyone, from families to youngsters. Hence, tourism in Goa has come to adapt itself to all categories of tourists. Along these lines, Square Taxis also offers very affordable rates (starting from Rs. 1,650 onwards), which can help you dedicated more of your budget to other luxuries in Goa.

  • Take a bunch of friends along!: Square Taxi offers comfortable vehicles like SUVs and sedans for a few passengers; for large groups you can also hire a tempo traveller or a bus. Also, while in Goa, Square Taxi offers self-driven cars.

 The route to Goa is a long one, which can give rise to beautiful memories of a road trip. But that is only possible if the travel arrangements are not your headache. With Square Taxi, you can divest your hassles about transport logistics to the experts and enjoy the sun and the sea and even drive yourself about the rustic roads.

Contact: 8850638972 to Book your Mumbai to Goa taxi at Best price’s

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